Lecture Reviews

Rating scale: 1(low) through 5 (High)

  1. Overall Rating: 4.69
  2. Knowledge of speaker in subject matter: 4.94
  3. Overall preparedness: 4.94
  4. Organization of presentation: 4.75
  5. Speaker’s ability to communicate: 4.88
  6. Encouragement of participants to take an active part: 4.75
  7. Value of handout materials: 4.29
  8. Value of subject matter to me: 4.76


“Dr. Lader was very informative. Her presentation was thorough, theoretical, clinical and very effective. Well worth attending”.

“It is always refreshing to meet with an expert. Dr. Lader was confident and well prepared. Most importantly, many applied concepts were presented– with illustrative examples. As always– I am disappointed with the length of the program. I realize we have live with this limitation in this forum– so I appreciate the effort to include as much material is possible”

“It was a wonderful overview of this problem area and encouraged further explorations”.

“Very clear, fully elaborated explanation. Responsive to questions. Very relevant case illustrations”

“High quality program.”

“Very well; excellent, informative presentation.”

“I thought that this presentation was well done. She presented some interesting ideas regarding treatment and society in general, which I found helpful.”

“I thought she was well educated and articulate on the subject”


“Met the objective quite well. Excellent use of video presentation that gave a real sense of the thoughts and feelings of individuals who self-injure.”

“Dr. Lader made an excellent presentation, both in the morning and in the afternoon sessions. I learned new strategies for treating people, especially what not to do.”


“Wendy is very knowledgeable and continues to actually work with patients. That’s important to me”

“Very good presentation with a great deal of helpful information and techniques”

“Dr. Lader was very helpful in answering clinical issues which I encounter in my practice”

“Excellent workshop! Very valuable conference”

Rating Scale:

5=Excellent 4=Good 3=Fair 2=Poor 1=No Comment

  1. Instructor’s knowledge of material: 5.0
  2. Instructor’s presentation of material (clear, organized, etc.): 4.9
  3. Handouts, readings used in class: 4.7
  4. Instructors’ response to questions & concerns: 4.9
  5. Overall rating of training: 4.9


“I like her style of therapy. I am not a therapist, but I found a lot of her suggestions gave me new ideas on dealing with clients in crisis. It also validated me because many of her ideas I have already been using w/clients”

“I had to leave early & feel I missed some good material”

“Very Informative!”

“Presenter was excellent. Very reality based, up front, to the point in getting to own responsibility”

“Absolutely excellent—breadth & depth of info covered was just what I was looking for”

“Well worth it”

“I liked the fact that she explained ways that she would handle certain clients and crisis. It’s easy to teach ways and not show examples; She was very good”

“Very helpful—thanks!”

“Excellent presentation–Very enthusiastic about subject, relaxed with presentation. Did not make you feel she was “lecturing” to you”

“Presenter very knowledgeable & passionate about subject. Presentation was direct and very useful. I will use this in my practice”

“Great personality for teaching. Interesting material”

“This was very helpful and will aid/assist me greatly at work”