Video Resources for Self Injury

S.A.F.E. Alternatives and collaborated to create a series of 28 videos addressing self-injury.

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Association between self-harm and other disorders

Contagious nature of self-injury

Damaging others through self-harm

Dissociative disorder and self-injury

Do some people self-harm just to get attention?

Eating disorders and self-injury

Finding help for self-harming behaviors

Forms of self-injury

Gender and self-injury

Habitual self-injury

Is self-injury different from attempted suicide?

How does self-injury usually begin?

Is self-injury a choice?

Parental tips for self-injury

Pleasure from self-injury

Increase in self-harm among teens

Recovery from self-injury disorders

Self-esteem and self-injury

Self-injury as an addiction

Signs of self-harm in children

Tattoos and piercing as a form of self-injury

Self-injury and the need for control

The root cause of self-injury in kids

Underlying factor for self-injury

The root cause of self-injury in kids

When to seek help for cutting

Why kids self-injure