Client Testimonials

Michelle’s ability to gracefully challenge ineffective thought patterns has proved invaluable to my recovery. I am grateful that she is in my corner.  
—Maddie, 22

I was convinced self-injury was going to be a part of my life forever. Safe Alternatives helped me to see that I can take power back from this behavior that plagued me for over a decade. I am forever grateful for the skills I learned from such a kind, compassionate and caring treatment team.

Safe is an outstanding program and has helped me in an abundance of ways. The people who work here are astonishing (including the dogs) and truthfully care for you. They’re sympathetic, understanding, and comforting. They helped shape me into a different person who no longer dwells on unfortunate circumstances.
—College-bound senior in high school

My experience at SAFE changed my life. I went into the program unsure why I self-harmed and feeling hopeless. By the time I left, I had a clearer understanding and control of my impulses and felt like I could have a happy future. Using the tools I learned at the program, I have made that future a reality. There is no way I could ever repay the wonderful people who saved my life.

Professional Testimonials

I cannot express how much I value the team at SAFE Alternatives. Their open communication and collaboration guide all aspects of treatment. Our regular meetings make me a better psychiatrist and lead to the most appropriate interventions for our clients. Highly recommend!
—Local psychiatrist

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the manner in which you have collaborated on our most recent case.  Safe Alternatives has been a great resource for me as a treatment provider.  From the trainings you’ve given, to your willingness to share treatment plans and update me in a timely manner.  Your program has been a great option for clients that might need a higher level of care or group sessions.  Your groups have allowed my clients to understand their symptoms, and also practice specific skills that SAFE has taught them.
—Local therapist

I have been counseling individuals and families for over 20 years and I regularly consult with other professionals regarding treatment. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with S.A.F.E. Alternatives on several of my cases and I am always impressed at the level of connection, commitment and professionalism they use to approach each client. I can confidently refer people to their groups and know my clients will receive the best support available. I always welcome their insight regarding each client and trust their approach to treatment. We are lucky to have S.A.F.E. Alternatives in our community as a resource for those in need.
—Sally King, LCSW, LMFT

Having been in the mental health field for 30 years, I have had the chance to collaborate with many colleagues. Michelle Seliner is absolutely top notch. Not only is she highly competent in her work, she is exceptional in communicating and collaborating in a team. The thoroughness and dedication with which she treats her clients is of the highest caliber. It is hard to find a combination of being competent and caring in a mental health provider. Michelle is both to the highest degree.
—Connie Jones, MA, LPC

Working as a dietitian who specializes in eating disorder nutrition therapy, I have encountered many clients who report self-injury. Having a skilled group of therapists addressing self-injury is of utmost importance to me. Working side by side with Michelle and her team over the last few years has allowed growth my clients need as they are focusing on all aspects of their recovery. I highly recommend working with SAFE and I will continue to refer to them in the future.
—Sarah Gleason RD LD CEDRD-S

The professionalism, integrity and compassion S.A.F.E. offers is second to none, whether they are providing care to a client, assisting a family or educating the community, they always go above and beyond.
—Tim McLeod, Director of Alumni Relations & Connect365-Sierra Tucson

happy young man

Parent Testimonials

Working with Michelle at SAFE was the lifeline my teenage daughter needed to guide her out of her dark spaces.  As a well-adjusted and totally awesome adult, my daughter still “consults” with Michelle, and continues to utilize the strategies and tools she learned over the last 10 years.  Engaging with SAFE saved my daughter and our family.
—Nancy (Mom)

Michelle Seliner is an excellent therapist with compassion and skill to dig deep and start healing deep hurts and insecurities. She started treating my daughter 6 years ago when she was dealing with depression, self-injury, and an eating disorder and she has helped her so much. My daughter still sees Michelle and is now self-confident and healthy and has goals she is working toward. I know she respects and admires Michelle and thinks the world of her. My husband and I think highly of Michelle and are so grateful for the help she has given our daughter.

Michelle came highly recommended by family friends.  She immediately responded to our request to assist our daughter after a traumatic incident caused her to consider harming herself.  Fortunately for my daughter and our family, she and Michelle connected immediately.  My daughter looks forward to her sessions with Michelle and has a new outlook on life.  As my daughter leaves for college, I am so pleased that she and Michelle will continue their regular sessions long distance.  I cannot thank Michelle enough for the care she has given our daughter.
—Dad (Terry)

Frantic desperation led us to S.A.F.E. Alternatives. Our entire family was seeking understanding and healing. Safe provided our daughter and our family the tools and supports needed to rebuild our lives. My daughter will tell you that S.A.F.E. Alternatives saved her life. I will tell you that it also saved our family! I had no other solution. I was desperate to see my child happy and healthy again. S.A.F.E. Alternatives gave our daughter the knowledge and support she needed to cope in healthier ways and taught our family how to support our daughter.

I remember frantically searching for someone, anyone, who could help my daughter. Conventional therapies did not provide her with the tools she needed to take control of her own emotions, but Safe Alternatives did! Their in-depth knowledge about the causes and treatments associated with self-injurious behavior gave my daughter and our family hope- something we had not had in a long time.

You and Deanna have been instrumental to all of us getting through a lot of trauma.  Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Safe helped our daughter and our family understand the underlying causes associated with self-injury and gave us the tools we needed to help each other!  S.A.F.E. Alternatives gave us hope!

It’s hard to put into words how much gratitude we have for Michelle and the S.A.F.E. program. We tried several therapists and programs before finding S.A.F.E., and no one was able to bring my daughter out of her darkness and support her so holistically while helping her return to our beautiful and engaging daughter.
—Mom & Dad

My daughter has seen Deanna from S.A.F.E. Alternatives for the last two years and the differences that I have seen in her have been profound.  I no longer have to worry day-to-day about whether or not she is safe or will be heading back to the hospital. Our relationship has improved, and we have fun, caring times again as a family.  After several other failed attempts at therapy, we finally found the right therapist who could really help.
—Mom and local therapist