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If you have thoughts of suicide call: 911, 800 – SUICIDE (784-2433), or go to the nearest emergency room.

  • who i am (a poem)

    i may look happy but i am not. i may laugh but i wish to cry. you may think you know how i feel but you dont. you do not ask because you do not care. i do not speak because you will shun. i do not smile when im me. i smile when im…

  • my poetry

    ok so i know this isn’t what this site is for but i write poetry and it helps kinda to distract me when i want to injure, so here goes… why do i feel this way? why do i want to cry? why do i want to die? why do i hurt myself? and then…

  • abandonment

    ok so i just got back from seeing my first therapist(notice how i say first) and i realized when she was talking to my mom(I’m 12) that i have a lot of abandonment issues ok so first when i was real little my papa left and i never heard from him again.then my mom went…

  • is there something wrong with me?

    i think there is something wrong with me…i mean sometimes i’ll be sitting next to my best friend and all the sudden i see my self pushing her off the trampoline….one time i was playing the guitar next to my friend sierra and in my mind i see me smashing the guitar in her face…i…

  • for me i can stop when ever i want. but mebbe i dont wanna… help?

  • help!

     i had a horrible day at school (im the the girl who gets made fun of and eats alone at lunch) I  S.I. its like i cant stop! but then again sometimes i dont want to stop…help?

  • my triggers

    my triggers are usally my dad he lives in texas and i live in WA i cry when i talk about him and twice he said i could go live with him but it never happened he doesn’t know about my S.I. but the mom is telling…any advice?