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If you have thoughts of suicide call: 911, 800 – SUICIDE (784-2433), or go to the nearest emergency room.

  • My ptsd is trough the roof.

    Everysince i lost my friend 2 suicide , i have been super sensitive 2 anything anyone says or does or the lack there of. im even jumpy, and my abandonment issues r like never b4. there r issues from my past that r surfacing again. even stuff ive dealt with

  • I just wanna say 2 anyone considering suicide, please hang n there.

    I have now experienced a week of pain and emptiness and questions. they r burying my friend 2day, and i dont even plan 2 attend the funeral 4 the pain im already feeling. i made a promise never 2 put my family through the hurt of suicide, it is tremendous

  • Im so bored and lonely

    Since my friend died, i spend most of my time alone. if she was still here, we would b hanging out. i had a full blown panic attac last nite cause another friend called me in a condition where i thought she was leaving me 2. my ptsd is real bad.

  • In a fog

    I just lost a good frnd this week. she took her own life. and now idk wat 2 do. im walking around n a fog. all i want 2 do is hang out w her. nothgng else interests me. i am listless lethargic, and i feel like im gone w her! :\

  • Sick of being sick


  • Scared

    I am so scared! My si has gotten worse than ever. And i dnt really understand y. I no ive been feeling hurt, rejected and abandonded my my brother, but that has been going on 4 months. I also no up untill a few weeks ago, i was doing really good. I hadnt injured n…

  • Time wasted feeling numb

    Well let my start by saying my period of having no desire 2 b si free was short lived. As soon as 4 woke up the next morning, and saw my injuries, i felt it again. But somethings been bothering me lately. I feel like i didnt get as far n s.a.f.e as i should…

  • Big fake

    I feel like a big fake. My family and friends think im si free, and im not. I was last time i posted, but im not anymore. Whats worse is that they r so proud of me 4 working so hard, but im not. Im giving up. I have even lost my desire 2 b…

  • Discusted n myself

    Ugh, i worked so hard on being si free, and i was doing great. This past weekend i started having flashbacks of when i used 2 injure. (Am i the only one that gets them?) I was so proud of myself, cause even tho it caused tremendous cravings, i didnt give n. But i guess…

  • Is it really recovery?

    So i havent injured n almost 3 months now. Im wondering tho, is it really recovery when im walking around n a fog of depression? Is it really recovery, when im still obsessed w si? Am i really any better off 4 quitting? Sometimes i think, if i could just do it one more time, i…