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If you have thoughts of suicide call: 911, 800 – SUICIDE (784-2433), or go to the nearest emergency room.

  • i really dont know how i will be able to handle this!

    I am freaking out! I have been trying to get ahold of one of my best friends since like febuary to no avail. For a while when i called, there was no answer, like ever. It was kinda normal, though cause he worked in the city all week, and only came home to his ranch on…

  • pondering over a dicision i i made, wondering if i did the right thing

    I know there isnt a deffinate answer to that question, but its just bugging me. Ive been on disability for like 3 years now. Ive had a few jobs since them, but none of them were really me nitch. So i just got a job last week that would have really been my nitch if…

  • Spiraling downward

    Im becomming more and more consumed by depression. And its not just depression its self hate to the point i can hardly stand to look in the mirror. Now let me clarify, its hard to look in the mirror not just cause i feel ugly and fat, but also because i hat whats on the…

  • Willing myself to go on.

    Im so frusterated. Here i sit gloomy again, wanting to cry. Im beggining to wonder the same thing as everyone else around me, will i ever get it together? O wait, ive wondered that for a long time. Its just that its looking more like thats never gonna happen. Im sittin here wanting to si…

  • Failed Again………..

    I am so frusterated with my self. I relapsed again this morning. Maybe some you you remember my post back in january, “Hurt and dont know what to do.” Well i guess i didnt have much self value, or maybe in some sick pathetic way, i thought he loved me enought to quit (even thought…

  • Hurt and don’t know what to do

    So, just a few minutes ago, i went to type i a web address to go to, and as it always does, when a typed the first letter, it poped up with a list of other sights that had been visited. I saw one that i knew i hadnt typed in, and just the name…

  • Accountability partner

    Im not sure if this is appropriate or not, but id like to find an accountability partner. Im not looking for someone who wants to brag or hear horror stories, rather someone who wants to be si free, and would also like to have someone to communicate with everyday or so, and hold each other accoutable….

  • Doing Pretty good

    Hi it’s been awhile since ive posted. I havet had iteret access. Well at least im not using my phone to get on, so i can type more tha just a few senteces. Well as the title indicates, im doing pretty good. Im engaged. When i met joe, it was really love at first sight….

  • i hope when dealing with traumas eveyone takes into acout that si is trauma to.

    Even though it is self inflicted, it is traumatic not 2 b able 2 trust ur self, being n such a state that u would harm ur self 4 relief, the impact it has on our lives, the reaction we get, the scars, the whole thing, at least it has been traumatic 4 me.

  • Feeling better

    I just spent a week in the hospital. it was the best thing i could have done. after my friends suicide, so many issues surfaced. im glad i reached out 4 help, i hope others who need it will have the same courag. =)