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If you have thoughts of suicide call: 911, 800 – SUICIDE (784-2433), or go to the nearest emergency room.

  • Newest pain.

    I treat myself like crap some times. I just noticed this today. I was in my gym class and we talked about self-esteem and stuff. I found out that I’m antisocial and hard to get along with. (My friends say outerwise) but then again my guidence consulors say they might as well just be hurting…

  • S.I.

    I started because my boyfriend left me. but then after I started to look at things I noticed I don’t want to move in with my mother. my grandfather has Brain cancer. My father just moved in with me and my grandmother. my grandmother and I have been on an off and on fighting kind…

  • What can I do?

    I have talked to alot of ppl… I’m not sure what to do. When I get upset I injure… but when I injure I get upset… It’s hard some times. And My family keeps getting on me for talking about different religions… You see I am reading all I can and finding out about other stuff….

  • Why?

    Why do I injure? I SI to release the frustrations and anger. I vent thru ppl, strangers mostly. It’s hard to talk to ppl you know. My parents just found out about me injuring myself. You see…… My friend got upset because he found out. He punched some things and got in trouble… Sooooooo he had to…

  • What do I do?

    I don’t know what  to do. I SI because I hurt right? And when I SI I hurt more. I am so confused. Why do you use pain to get over pain. But for now my pain from the injuries gets rid of the other pain. You see. My mom wants me to move back in with her….