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If you have thoughts of suicide call: 911, 800 – SUICIDE (784-2433), or go to the nearest emergency room.

  • second part to Q&S BLOG

    Now that I’m home, I feel a little out of place. SAFE was pretty comforting having people to talk to 24/7. Now I look around and nobody has a clue what I’m going through. I pretty much have no one to talk about things with. I’m finding it harder every day. I’ve been logging but it really…

  • Feeling a little out of place.

    I got home from S.A.F.E Texas over a week ago. First of all I want to tell anyone who is considering going that I found it to be much more than I hoped for. The individual and group  therapy was amazing. I realized after time there, that I had never really had therapy before. For the most…