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If you have thoughts of suicide call: 911, 800 – SUICIDE (784-2433), or go to the nearest emergency room.

  • Mental health film, interview.

    Hello, my name is Peter Cochran, and I am the senior editor at Human Relations Media. I am looking to interview a teen or someone in their early 20s who could describe his/her experience with an anxiety disorder and or depression. Some of the points we might cover are: feeling “stressed out,” trouble sleeping, feeling…

  • Louder Than Words, TV show.

  • Adult Space

    This category is for adults wanting to connect with other adults. The “trigger free” language guidelines still apply.


    NBC’s new series, “BREAKTHROUGH with TONY ROBBINS,” led by Tony Robbins and the producers of Extreme Makeover – Home Edition and The Biggest Loser, are asking Americans to nominate extraordinary teens who, because of a tragic event or debilitating set of circumstances, have turned to self harm. Do you know a once straight-A student, star…


    Please visit The mission of the Self Injury Foundation is to provide funding for research, advocacy support and education for self-injurers, their loved ones and the professionals who work with them. We are dedicated to providing the most up to date information and resources available on self-injury. The foundation is looking for volunteers for…

  • Self Injury Foundation

    We are pleased to announce a new S.I foundation. Please check it out, and while you are there, sign the “Guest Book” Thanks, and spread the word. Also please join the Selfinjury Foundation on facebook, under causes.

  • I am writing an article on self harm for a local city magazine, and I would like to interview “recovering” s.i. people in the Calgary area. My article needs the voice of someone who is well on the road to recovery. Thank-you. Susan Pederson Writer/Editor – RedPoint Media Group Inc. 105, 1210 – 20th Ave…

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  • Parent Webinars

    How to Understand and Help My Child Who Is Self-Injuring A Parent Educational OpportunityPart 1Dr. Wendy Lader co- founder of  S.A.F.E. ALTERNATIVES® and co-author of Bodily Harm: The Breakthrough Healing Program for Self-Injurers,  now offers an educational Webinar for parents.  Listen as the world renowned expert on self injury answers the tough questions…”What is self…

  • Parents Connection

    This category is for the parents of self-injurers who want a place to share their thoughts and feelings. You may have participated in one of our Webinars and made a connection with other parents. Feel free to continue connecting with other parents via this blog…..Please note that this blog is monitored and the “trigger free”…