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  • Why?

    So today sucked really bad. Everything was fine until lunch today. My bf walked to where we usually sit and he was crying, and i didnt know why. Apparetly, he got in trouble for skipping hid dance class, and hes probably gonna get thrown out of the school. I wanted to cry so bad, but…

  • advice?

    So me, some friends, and my bf are going  to the beach in about 2 weeks, and of course were gonna swim. Thing is, alot of the older scars and they will probably be noticed. i dont want to swim in shorts, and ive GOT to swim! Ive been waiting all year! any advice on this…

  • Breakdown

    The end of the year is so so so hard! Everybody I know if this colse to snaping, a few already have. My friend ‘N’ had a breakdown today, started crying in class and had to go to the therapist. ‘S’ who is usually a really happy person was on the verge of crying today,…

  • Whats going on, Im lost

    So Im really confused. Im feeling really stressed now, because iots the end of the school year and we have tons of tests, and since I go to a magnet school, I laso have to pull my portfolio together for re-auditions. Theres so much to do, and my depression is comeing back, and Im haveing…

  • 72576000

    I’m consciously unconscious
    Why am I filled with hate?
    I’d like to blame my parents
    I’m sure you’d do the same
    Swallow the hurt
    Spit out the jerk that’s to afraid

    I turn the page
    To a chapter that they thought was just a phase
    But it consumed me

    You’re right I am a failure
    And when my life turns to ____
    It won’t have anything to do with the fact that it’s all you ever taught me how to do
    So you can relax!

    Without feeling
    Without breathing
    Now I’m leaving

  • Sadistic

    So maybe I’m the one that needed saving
    Someone to rescue me from myself
    And now the memories are slowy fading
    Wish I could see me through someone else
    Maybe I’m the one that needed saving
    Can you help me now
    Trapt in this life with no way out
    Sometimes I wish I was someone else
    Someone else

  • Lost

    And if I make it through today will tomorrow be the same
    Am I just running in place?
    and if I stumble and I fall
    Should I get up and carry on or will it all just be the same

    ‘Cause, I’m young and hopeless
    I’m lost and I know this
    I’m going nowhere fast that’s what they say
    I’m troublesome, I’ve fallen
    I’m angry at my father
    It’s me against this world and I don’t care, I don’t care

  • Whats wrong with me? Why am I such a failure? Thats all I am, a FAILURE! I’m failing all my classes, and no mater how hard I try, I cant bring up my grades! My mom is about to give up. Thats fine though, I dont care. She says she loves me, but shes a lier….

  • Well, Shoot.

    Ok, so last night, I went over to my friends boyfriends house with her, along with another friend. We were over there for a while, then went to drop off the other friend. It was me, my friend, and her boyfriend. (For the sake of not conusing anybody, I am going to give them fake…

  • Not Good

    Recently I’ve been feeling really depressed and sad. Its my frehman year of highschool and the stress levels are really high. I go to a magnet High School for visual art and our teachers dont seem to understand that we have tons of work in our art areas to do, and they always give us…