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  • thinking

    im really having flashbacks n i want injure. i no i cant cause my baby im just hurting so bad, i dont no how deal all these feelings..

  • pregnant n scared

    so im 11 weeks pregnant im scard. me n my boyfrnd been fighting alot i no he loves me but sometimes cant take it. today at work had flashbak want injure. i wish my grandma here help thru all this i want to injure so bad dealing with everthing i dont no how much longer…

  • chrismas is almst here

    so be 4 months ago lost my grandma i dont no can make thru christmas wo injuring. i no need help i dont talk anone i just drink. it been 2 years on chrismas since my dad died to i really just wanna injure bad

  • christmas is geting near

    want to get thru this

  • life is crazy

    my grandma died back in augest i been thinkingg bout injuring i just miss her i been thinking bout her alot lately

  • its crazy

  • hostipl

    i have decided check in hostpal im thinking suiside im scard go hostipal . i want hurt. since i was raped i need help i want die im going

  • i cant do it

    ive been so deppressd the closer it gets him geting out more i want to si. im tryin get my mind out that. sometimes its hard.  im scared he going come for me i just want go whole never come out

  • flashbaks

    i can see his face its almst 9 am no sleep imm hurting want cry how can make it go away sombdy help..

  • life

    i hadnt made post in while this alwya  helps. my rapist is about get out im really scard i had injured 5months i thinking about going back. i also think i have drinking promblem. i cant talk my therpist i laugh it off i think serious all my friends constly tell me i have promblem…