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If you have thoughts of suicide call: 911, 800 – SUICIDE (784-2433), or go to the nearest emergency room.

  • lifeless

    i need help. i dont know what to do.

  • depression

    ive been diagnosed with depression. in two weeks im getting medication. i want help the help for depression, i need it. but i dont want to stop injuring, i dont really know my life without it. am i wrong to not want to stop, is it wrong if i injure for the rest of my life?

  • i just injured. i needed it, but shouldnt have done it. i dont know why i always disappoint people. always. i need help.

  • urging

    i have urges and theyre really hard to control. i dont know what to do. i cant stop them. they dont go away. 

  • cant tell anyone – please could you listen?

    i cant tell this to anyone, but i need to get it off my chest. please just listen to me.i s.i everyday. nobody knows. and i cannot tell anyone. it feels good and its what i want, but its not what everyone else wants. i dont know if i should stay with it, or stop…

  • no hiding when youre in love.

    love scares me. i want to s.i. and i try and i do. i do behind his back but i cant keep secrets. in love, i cant have secrets. and when he finds out, im afraid he’ll tell someone. im afraid, in love im afraid. love scares me. im afraid.

  • new place new faces

    ive met this man at school. we share a lot in common.  i dont know how to tell my boyfriend. i dont think i will.

  • i dont know what im doing.

    i was clean for so long. so long. i did it for the love of my life, not for me. im relapsing into a twisted realm of fading thoughts and irrational messages. i dont know what to do. im not sure what im doing or how to continue. I dont know how to tell someone…

  • uh oh

    i slipped up, i dont really know why. i suppose just because.happy thanksgiving – im thankful it wasnt because i “needed” it. im thankful cause im learning from it. im thankful that you all are here to listen to me. im thankful for you.thank you.

  • 2 years & 9 months down the drain.

    i injured for the first time in 33 months. im speechless.