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  • Confused

    Confused to say the least Not knowing anything Simply living Looking like a beast Wondering if it’ll ever stop Not being able to Never knowing what to do Standing at the top Of a building, looking down My friends family Smiling happily And me wanting to drown Keeping up aperiences Being who they want me…

  • Looking

    Looking to the sky Hoping, dreaming for a solution Trying not to cry Holding on to you, clinging to hope Searching for all these years Hiding all the tears Injuring to relieve the pain Standing, crying in the rain Wanting badly to be free Holding onto it tightly Looking at myself In the mirror Trying not…

  • *tears are falling tonight*

    I wish i could say that everything was going to be ok , i wish i could just stop hurting myself. My mom thinks I’m stopping, i promised her that the new one on my leg was old “its just that i picked the scab mom!” what an IDIOT i am!!!! I wish my friends…

  • kinda need some1 to talk 2

    i’ve just got a bunch of thoughts runnin through my head right now i messed up yesterday and i’m on day 1 right now but i’m afraid that might end tonight, i’m just so lost right now with my feelings it’s insane… i dont know what to do ne more….i wish this was easier, i…

  • Shadey Feelings These Days

    I’ve been doing really well latley i’ve gone 20 days!! and it feels great But really good days are starting to fade…my dad is getting to me again, and my sister is leaving me for college soon, i dont know what it is but everything always ends up doing this…slowly falls apart i mean. I…

  • *sigh*

    it never really feels like there’s hope does it?! *sigh* but at least i know that there is…. or at least i think there’s hope, i pray that there’s hope…. ~d

  • i haven’t

    well i haven’t actually looked anywhere in my community i’m kinda new at all this “recovery” thing… but I’m up to it, i guess resources wouldn’t hurt, (response to Cassandra) ~d

  • hi

    so i’m kinda new here i’m an injurer. and i want help, but i cant seem to find it anywhere…. so hopefully i’ll be able to find some help here