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  • I’m finally finding my way

    its a great feeling knowing that you’re actually succeeding at something. I feel so much better now that I’m actually getting somewhere with my SI. I think i might actually make it for real this time!! i’m still kinda prone to mess ups but i don’t feel as bad anymore because i know that all…

  • mess up

    i messed up 2 days ago but i think i’m finally getting better before i messed up i had gone 54 days then 8 then 1 but 54 DAYS!! anyway i hope everyone is doing well I havnt written here in a while and yea…. stay strong!! ~d

  • day 37

    still not thinking i need much therapy…seeing as I’ve never actually gotten any…mom never called back the insurance company…so I’ll never really know if i even need it…but oh well…life is good…so I’m not too worried about it at the moment…. I’m so happy its mind-shattering!! … hope every1 is doing well!!!! STAY STRONG!!!! ~d 

  • Day 29

    Its so unreal…i’m super happy and i am luvin every minute of it!! I’m kinda reconsidering doing the whole therapist thing if this keeps up!! i dont think i need one ne more ne way i’m just keepin’ y’all updated!! i’m so excited!!! *screams* OMG, ITS JUST AMAZING!!!! ~d

  • MY DAD!!

    is such a mean guy I honestly don’t know why my mom is still with him i know most kids would die of sadness if their parents got a divorce…but honestly my sister and i want my dad out of our lives so badly that we don’t care if they divorce…plus he puts my mom…

  • Day 22

    I’m doing SO much better i feel great!! but its still really hard…*sigh* wish it was easier but i’m SO not dwelling on it right now!! hope everyone is doing well <3 ~d

  • *I Am Changed*

    I am the girl Everyone saw as happy I am the girl Everyone saw as glad But I am the girl Who has finally changed I express myself In my own way now And no one understands That I’m no longer that girl The girl who pretends To be some she’s not In the darkness…

  • To ArtificialFake

    yes someone did say that to me and i know it’s hard for him to recover but he’s been in recovery for like 3 almost 4 years…me 10 days, so its significantly harder for me and i didnt even go to him for anything at all so it makes NO sence to me at all…

  • Bull

    “Hey D,You know I care about you and you know I think you’re a great girl. However I think I need to distance myself from you right now because I’m trying so hard to keep myself in recovery right now. I can’t keep putting all my energy into worrying about you and hoping you’re okay…

  • I dunno yet….

    i kinda feel unwanted like all the time lately i dont know what it is, it all started with my youth paster telling me that he didnt feel it was a good idea for me go go on the mission trip this august. cuz “i’m not ready” because i hurt myself at church one time…