I just found out today my 12 year old daughter is self injuring herself. What little she could say was that she was stressed but not sure why and that it provided her relief. Our pediatrician recommended counseling to help figure out the “why”, which we’ll set up, but sometimes it takes a while to get your first appointment.

Our pediatrician recommended a private journal might be helpful. My daughter agreed and we bought her one today.

How can I help her other than letting her know our door is always open, she can talk to us about anything and that we love her no matter what? I think I reacted well (all things considering), not in anger, just listening and letter her know we’ll help her in any way we can. What I really wanted to do was cry and then take all the doors off the hinges and wrap her in bubble wrap and never let her out of my sight.

~ From one overwhelmed and super scared mom