I have just found out my 22 year old daughter SI. I am so scared. I am also feeling such guilt, as she said she has done this since probably about 16 years old. How did I not know? I have read that people who SI have been abused ….but she was not abused….she was loved by her father and I…we did divorce but remained very good friends and always worked together caring for our children. I remarried, and about age 15, my husband died unexpectedly. Could this have triggered the initial pain and SI? And how can I help her….she is starting to engage in drinking at times…I am encouraging her to seek help….but I don’t know if she will. She got angry with me because i know I started getting too involved and rushing to ask her so many questions. I promised her i would back off, and assured her I am here for her and will help support her through this. She lives on her own, so I am not with her daily. I am trying to keep my own emotions in check, but can’t stop crying. I love her so much and can’t bear to see her in pain. I just need help…is there help and success in addressing this