Hello all,

I’m one of the blog moderators, and I’m noticing that the blog is not very active these days.  My favorite thing about this blog is that it’s a safe place on the internet for people to go and  be able to give and receive some support.  There are so many places on line that are graphic and can be triggering, and yet, so few that truly help to support people and encourage positive support without being triggering.

I’d love to respond to each person and often feel as if I should – but I keep reminding myself that it’s not my blog or SAFE Alternatives’ place to go for support or to give support solely.  It’s for you all to support each other.

To newer blog members – Welcome!  Keep reaching out for help because you are NOT alone.

Best wishes to everyone and I hope you’ll keep on writing.  Everyone needs support now and then, every.single.person.

Pam L.