I need some advice on how to help my 17 year old daughter who self harms. She was admitted in the past for Suicidal Ideation but doesn’t admit to that at this time. She has a diagnosis of Bipolar/anxiety disorder and doesn’t take her meds as prescribed and is really opposed to them at all. Off and on for a few years I have noticed some “clumsiness” -marks on her that she insisted were all an accident or something of the sort. Since she was 11 I have had behavioral problems with her and each time it’s worse, Lately, as her behavioral symptoms are worsening and she has been having problems with her medications and stopping and wanting to refuse them or adjust them on her own, we have noticed scars on her. Most recently after a break up with her boyfriend. When I asked she told me it was like four years old. Her ex boyfriend reported to me that she had been injuring for the entire three years they were together and wrote a statement that he tried to get her to stop and she said she was addicted. When I try to talk to her about getting help, she refuses to admit she’s doing it or that she’s even having problems…always someone else. Stops eating, eats too much…harms in some way…..something.
In Illinois, the law is on her side since she is 17 and I cannot make her get the help she needs. Her psychiatrist recommended that she get an assessment so she started freaking out and wants to seek psychiatric care elsewhere and has that right to do so at her age, I’m told. So as her mother…even though she’s been not taking her meds as prescribed, been displaying some paranoia probably due to that and some self harming behaviors, recommended by the psych she needs to be assessed, I’m out of options. Your S.A.F.E Alternatives program seems to be a wonderful option for her.
I need to know how can you help me talk to her or the right way to get her there? I saw in the information that it has to be voluntary, but if I can’t get her to admit it as being a problem, I don’t know how to do this. We live in Illinois but some time away from here would not hurt her at all. She needs someone who’s neutral to her life and knows about these problems that she doesn’t have to lie to. I just don’t know how to get her to agree to do this.