im very new to this I honestly didn’t know this was something common. There has been only twill situations that have brought me to this. they were both relationship caused. I know that all if not many of you have problems that are a lot worse, but relarionships are my only weak spots. I have had terrible things happen too my family and myself. The only time I find myself wanting to hurt myself was when my boyfriend for a year and a half broke up with me one day and I just began to injure. I didn’t injure to kill myself I just like the pain it distracted me from what was going on. Nobody knew what was going on. And it’s back now the urge to feel pain so my emotions feel numb. I have been dating this guy for almost 4 months now he is from my home town I knew who he was and his cousin and I are good friends but he is in the military Army to be exact and he is stationed in Washington. I live in a small town and there is a lot of talk. His cousin on one occasion told him that I was cheating or about to it’s NOT true as insane as it sounds I am in Love with him I want nothing more than to have a future with him. Now this past Friday a “friend” told him something similar that isn’t true I have been loyal and faithful he has had me in a limbo of being with me or not and its taken a told on me emotionally I don’t know how to handle the emotions this time I caused myself another injury. Everyone thinks it was an accident things have only gotten worse with him and I REALLY want to inflict more pain on myself but I know it’s wrong and I shouldn’t what do I do what should I do ? Help me please