Please Help Us Learn More About Self-Injury!!!

Eligible participants who complete the survey earn a $10 gift card!

Hello. My name is Shana Franklin and I am a graduate student in the psychology department working with Dr. Shawn Cahill, Ph.D at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I am currently conducting a research study examining non-suicidal self injury and other coping behaviors individuals use in response to stressors.

The purpose of this notice is to invite your participation.

Participation is completely voluntary. This study is all online, so the survey may be completed at your convenience from any PC/Mac that has internet access. Responses are confidential.

Study Information:
Study Title: Coping Behaviors and Self Injury: An Internet Study
Study Description: The purpose of this research study is to examine experiences related to certain maladaptive coping behaviors that some individuals experience in response to stressors. Approximately 700 people will be recruited to participate in this internet study through this and similar websites. If you agree to participate, you will be asked to complete a survey that will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. The questions will ask about various coping behaviors, including instances of intentional injury that is not accompanied by a desire to commit suicide, and your experiences related to these behaviors. The survey will also ask questions about general health and mental health history, as well as personality variables such as questions regarding emotion regulation and impulsivity. Participants who meet initial eligibility criteria and complete the survey will earn a $10 gift card to that will be e-mailed to the person’s desired e-mail address within 48 hours of study completion.

If you wish to participate, please visit the following link:

Finally, once again, participation in this study is completely voluntary and responses to the study’s survey are confidential.. In order to receive compensation, we do require participants provide an e-mail address and their initials; however this information is not linked to survey responses. In addition, the email and initials will only be collected after the survey has been completed; thus, participants who wish to participate in the survey but do not want to submit an email address and their initials my none-the-less complete the survey. However, in such cases we will not be able to provide them with a gift card. This research hopes to learn more about individuals with non-suicidal self injury and other coping behaviors. Thank you for your participation and contribution to the research field.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: (Shana Franklin) or (Shawn Cahill)