So this sysmester is my final sysmester in school before going into adulthood and going off to college.I’m trying to keep it to an easy sysmester this year,but numerous amount of things have stressed me out! One guy who has a gf was dating (he wasn’t dating me) and he told me that he loved me.I asked him why did u say that and we got into this big argument and he wouldn’t stop acting like he was all right and I was wrong.I didn’t know who to tell,so I started injuring myself.I immediately got help for it by a friend and didn’t do it for the longest time.I did it another time a couple months later bc my bf was telling me about having invitro and the fact that we had the convo for two days made me mad bc we were both way to young! And just this week I did it bc everyone kept throwing their attitudes toward me and another girl loves to just get me riled with anger.So she picks on me every chance she gets and it isn’t fair! What makes it worse is that the guilt is making me depressed,shamed,and scared to tell my teacher what I’ve done becaus I feel really pathetic for what I did.Should I just talk to her? And what should I do about injuring bc I want to stop,I just find that it’s my only form of comfort and an easier way to deal with things. And I feel that no one listens anymore.