i’m 30. ive been using self-harm to cope since i was 11. i injure in multiple ways and do other random things to cause myself pain. i get so frustrated and half of the time i really do just want to curl up and quit. im tired of everything. life isnt fair, and i know it isnt supposed to be, but no matter how good i do or what positive changes i make, i still always seem to lose. i lose everything and everyone. my whole life it seems i have been punished for things i didnt do. i try to keep faith and hope, knowing that i havent done whatever i am being accused of and waiting for the truth to prevail, but it rarely does. the women in salem knew they were innocent, but at the end of the day they were still killed on the stake. thats how my life goes. i know im good, but what does that matter if the rest of the world doesnt and treats me accordingly? i keep losing.