I messed up last night and hurt myself and I really want to do it again, so I hope y’all don’t mind, but I’m just going to distract my self for a while and share a horrible poem I wrote forever ago. Thank you for giving me this space to clear my thoughts, here is said lousy poem:

May I ask a favor of you, love?

That depends upon the favor, dove.

To fight  away the cold tonight,

Will you wrap your arms around me tight?

If my answer is ever no,

And our love is naught but woe,

Look at me for a while;

Look until you smile.

But if a smile doesn’t come ,

And diminished is our sun,

Then I urge you to say

That you truly feel this way.

And I promise you now,

Should be bring each other frowns,

I will leave you alone,

And I will find a new home.

But if my answer is as now,

Then I won’t be leaving town.

I will stay forevermore

With the one that I adore

As my heart beats with yours,

Singing, “I am yours forevermore.”

Could you love me forevermore

If I were to be nevermore?

Washed up on a sandy shore,

Or poisoned by a deadly spore?

Could you love me if we were poor,

Working hours and hours more?

I will love you thick and thin.

If Death should take you, I’d drown in gin.

I’d mourn for you until my end;

My only love and closest friend.

Whether we live on the street or in a house,

Love will shower you in copious amounts.

You’re rooted deep within my soul,

Growing around my every bone.

If what you say is truly true,

Then let us sleep without further ado

All night we’ll sleep soundly through

And wake refreshed to the morning dew

We can sleep in our warm cocoon

Knowing in our hearts that you love me and I love you,

Singing, “Forevermore,” in a drowsy coo, 

“Forevermore, I love you.”