Ive  been wanting to write for a while now but haven’t gotten the opportunity. A lot has happened this year.. I lost my virginity,started self harming June, had domestic violence with my biological mom, started living with my now guardian, ran away,got involved with drugs for the first time and a boy that completely messed me up and I actually have scars from, went into a mental hospital…twice and now I’m back home. Now I’m trying to give  up self harm. I’ve tried multiple things to give it up but I’m just now starting to learn what works. It’s been 19 days today. Tomorrow’s going to be my 17th birthday…I’m not looking forward to it at all…my life has changed so much. I’m kinda rambling. Wow I just wrote some personal stuff but I rather write it here than in my journal. I’ve been cleaning from injuring for 19 days but I’ve done some piercings in that time and want more. Well that’s for my ramble.