I found out that my daughter has been injuring for almost a year.  She had signs this week that my husband noticed.  This is a shock to us.  My daughter has been seeming a counselor for bullying in and out of school from a group of ex-friends.  We thought it was best to put her in a place where she may feel comfortable speaking to someone about her sadness on this situation.  She found new friends, but now found out they were injuring as well.  It seems to be a small group, finding this is the thing to help them out.  I am frightened, sad, horrified and just lost on the next steps.  My husband and I are on different pages for how to handle this and he is ready to “check out” and not deal with it.  I am uncertain on the next steps to help my family pull together on this.  Her brother also found out (he’s 11 and she’s 15) and is scared for her and the family right now.

What in addition to the counseling she is in can I do?