We discovered the SI 4 years ago.  She attended S.A.F.E. two years ago and it was a big help.  She SI much less often now and has gone sometimes for months a at time being safe.

I just came back  from dropping off supper and medication for my daughter.  She is 19 and she has her own apartment now.

I went into her apartment and we talked for quite a while about several things that I wanted to tell her.
Among them,
finding a new therapist to help her with her OCD. etc.
Being safe on her upcoming trip. Travelling alone.  Safe from others.
Being safe so that she isn’t sorry afterwards – keeping herself safe…
etc, etc.
I asked if she would please put on a sweater because it is hard for me to look at her arms after SI.  Basically she refused.  “It is my apartment and I can do what I like…”
I am cringing. How can I be a father to her???.. I can’t take it.  A beautiful girl self mutilating…