Im totally new here but i just wanted to share my story to maybe give inspiration to others to get beter too. I am 15 right now and i started SI in second grade, i always blamed myself for other kids hurting me. It became like an addiction. Then in eighth grade i met a friend. He was quiet, had a lisp, and sat in the back of the room. So i joined him. I put down my mask of popularity and opened myself up to him. He didnt talk to me at first, but eventually he opened up to me. He had addiction problems of his own and issues worse than mine. But we helped each other to get stronger. I thought we would just be friends forever but now we have been boyfriend and girlfriend for a year and two days. I have been SI free for over 6 months too. We both have difficulties sometimes but we get through together. I have also learned to open my true self up more and i now have true friends who are supportive. I guess the moral of this is that no matter how badly you want to lock yourself up in a room and SI, try to find someone to confide in and share your struggles with. It makes healing and living in general just so much better.