Can anyone that has SI’d offer some advice? I have a 14 year old daughter and we have just discovered tonight that she has SI again. Did this once before about 8 months ago and now I have found tools agin and she admitted quickly and showed without hesitation. She said she thought we knew, and she claims it is about 2 weeks old. why does my beautiful daughter want to scar herself? We have seen counsellors over the past couple years, but stopped going for lack of communication between them and myself- they offer me no plan or ideas to help her. I know she had shown signs of depression for a couple years and we are now going to a new therapist and Tuesday will be 2 visit. Is it because she knows she is adopted? She was taken from her birth mother at age 6 for neglect, no physical abuse.  She is know separated from the 2 younger brothers she helped care for all during those years she lived in poor, filthy conditions with a bowl of ramen noodles for every meal. She got no positive attention from her birth mother, a maternal bond was never established and she cannot be affectionate now. She stays in contact with her birth mother via her cell phone, to which I do not agree with but can’t no longer stop. I try not to speak negative about her. Any words of wisdom?