Recently, my friend and I were talking on the floor of my haunted bathroom about my self harm problem, which has been going on for years. While we were talking, her voice changed, she stared me right in the eyes, and she started talking about “my son, your troubles” and things like that. Aferwards her head hurt and she was yabbering about angels and such. This is the same friend who is psychic and into magic and all this good stuff. My extremely faithful side tells me that she’s not lying about the whole angel-y hoodoo, but my skeptic side who has been tricked by everyone that I’ve ever loved is telling me that she’s playing with my faith, even though she’s just as religious as I am. I don’t know what to think, but what I do know is that for about a day, the experience helped me, and after that, the only thing that has been happening is more guilt then before and the thought that I’m disappointing God even more so than before.