I just wanted to stop by and check in and say thank you really.  I had no intentions of writing, but now that I’m here I will.


Ive been ok.  The thoughts are still ever consuming.  I still think about SI all day.  I still carry my tools around.  I have not SI-ed for about two weeks now.  Ive been good I guess…about as good as I’ll ever be in this stage of my life.  Ive started another journey to get healthy.  (see this time I didnt say lose weight I said get healthy).  So hopefully this time will be better and I wont take it all out on myself.  However, only time will tell really.

But my main purpose today was to say thank you to everyone here.  To everyone who reads our posts, to everyone to replies.  It honestly put a smile on my face reading responses the other week, knowing I had support from others and that I wasnt alone.  So Thank you. Every single one of you.

Have a great week everyone. Stay Strong <3