I have become addicted to self injury.   The doctors have told me they have never seen it in someone my age,  or with anyone with my intelligence level. I have spent over a month on a surgical unit then spent 2 weeks on a cardiac unit finally I was moved to a general medical unit for another 10 days.  It was a very hard time and all because I self injured.  But that incident hasn’t stopped my injuring.  I’ve gotten to the point that I am scared literally to death of myself. I have tried every form of therapy I have ever heard of. I have been in EMDR, CBT, ETC, TRADITIONAL PSYCHOTHERAPY, PSYCHOPHARM LOGICAL,  completed one DBT program and now in another DBT residential program-this is my third time in this program in 4 years. It’s not like traditional residential programs. There are mandatory groups and individual therapy, but the living arrangements are different. There is one 5 person group home, 1 building with 12 individual apartments and a few clients live in their own apartments-sate lite (not owned by the program) in the community. The clients who live in the 1 building with the 12 apartments live by themselves-no roommates allowed-but there is a staff 24 hours a day in an office on the first floor. Staff are responsible for anything to do with the medication for only the clients who live in the building. This program really is my last hope. The program isn’t time limited-one client has been in it for 5 years and staff haven’t even started discussing  her a discharge date. Like I said earlier PLEASE DO NOT ANYONE TRY SELF INJURY and IF YOU HAVE ALREADY TRIED IT-STOP BEFORE YOU BECOME ADDICTED LIKE ME and GET HELP, BEFORE YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH ANY OF WHAT I HAVE! Well message back If you comments or suggestions/recommendations. Bye for now Vicki