I have made a decision. I’m NOT taking my self-harm stuff to college with me this year. And when I do have to come home? I had to make another decision regarding that. I locked my items up. You are probably asking what is the point in doing that? I have already arranged to give the box to someone (I’m the only one who has a key), so that I won’t be tempted when I come home. If I want my box, I have to ask for it, and that person is going to know why I want it. I know, I know, it’s like why don’t I just get rid of my stuff entirely, right? I still can’t bring myself to do that yet. I have spent some time updating my list of alternatives, because I know I am going to get majorly overcome with life stuff and feel as if I will have regretted this. But, if not now, when? Not later, for I would have found some excuse to not make such a step.