So, I met this guy. He’s 23. I’m 16, so I can legally consent. Yes, we’ve had sex, and I have seriously fallen for him. The other night, I was staying at his house, and we were laying there after. He told me he was in love with another girl, and he would end it if he lost her. We were sitting at this woman’s house that I babysit for, and we were talking about everything. I said I would rather have someone I can still physically be with, but talk to about anything, and I wanted it to be him. He said when he went home for a little bit, he was thinking about how this would work for all three of us. I go to school, with the girl, but she doesn’t know about anything. I told him I was okay with everything that’s about to happen, and he left, telling me not to do anything stupid. After a few minutes, I started crying, and I don’t know why, because I am completely fine with everything. But I cried over it, and then I injured. What do I do?? How can I figure this out??