I’m a mum to 2 girls (3.1 years & 3 months).

My older daughter is now depressed to the point that when I tell her comments, sometimes she starts to hurt her self in a few ways (as she says)… This has started around 2 weeks ago & it’s really scarring me!

I had a call from her loving day care teacher that my daughter had a very bad reaction when her teacher asked her why she didn’t ask permission before drinking the juice (day care rule) so my daughter started to retain her tears to the point that her chin was trembling & when her teacher tried to tell her to calm down, she snapped & attempted to hurt her teacher & herself!!!

I’m REALLY sad & don’t know what to do!  My daughter is the funniest kid ever… We were just back from a vacation with family where she was really happy…

FYI, she has been on Zaditen Syrup for allergy for a year & half  almost none stop!

She’s almost not Jealous of her baby sister (as much as possible)… I leave them alone & hide to watch her reaction & I find her caressing her or trying to make her laugh or even leaving her alone & paying with her toys.

Any Help? Please