Meh listening to music I used to listen to last year feels like I haven’t listened to it in forever 🙁 like I’ve changed so much in just one yea it’s insane like last year I was very depressed and going though a lot of self harm and suicidal thoughts and heart break. Now, I’ve gotten better and I don’t self harm as much, I have a new amazing boyfriend who loves me for me and it’s just amazing living 🙂 the only problem I have is my weight. I was so skinny last year and I loved it, I loved the way I looked to be quite honest, actually I didn’t last year I thought I was too fat but now that I’m gaining more weight I’m looking back and thinking “what was I thinking?” I was perfect weight but some people say I was  too stressed and going through a lot to that I didn’t pay attention and that’s why I was losing weight. I don’t know but still just thinking back I’ve changed a lot. Listening to certain bands or songs makes me think of it all, like some songs from Bring Me the Horizon or Oasis or even Scary kids scaring kids. They all bring back memories of my best friend Seth who I miss tremendously.  They also bring back memories of S.A.FE. and how much I miss it there. Though when I think about it, I know they would be proud of me, like REALLY proud of how much I’ve progressed.