I don’t want to tell my therapist that I’ve started self-injuring again. I feel like she would be disappointed.. But she is the one person I’m supposed to be able to tell! Whenever I’m in therapy and she asks me if I need to talk about anything I have to just say no. I have to talk around it because I’m scared of what she will think, and what she will do. It’s really so embarrassing. I find no joy in life and I’m constantly under immense stress from my parents and school so I SI to take my mind off it. All this tension builds up in my body creating a feeling similar to a claustrophobia attack. When I SI it’s like a cool breath of air washes over my body, I’m no longer thinking about what was upsetting me. So I suppose the question is whether I am wiling to give it up, get help, and eventually feel better or do I just stick with the easy way of instant gratification?