I used to do self harm from age 12 to 21. I managed to quit on my own, finding peace within myself through Mindfulness. I’ve been doing well, although there have been episodes where I’ve felt like I couldn’t see any other outlet for my emotions than through self harm. I managed to convince myself that the shame from myself afterwards would not be any solution at all, and would only make me feel worse. I’ve been free of self harm for 6 and a half year, but seem to find myself struggling to find ways to convince myself it won’t make it feel better. I have no one to talk to about this, and the pain I’m going through is getting too much to bare, I still can’t find any alternative to make the pain go away, as I find it harder and harder to cope. Is there an alternative? Is there something that can make it feel like the pain just slips away, if only for a moment?

I usually make these thoughts go away by writing down everything I’m feeling, using this as an outlet, then tearing the letter apart, or going for a long walk.

Does anyone have any suggestions which have helped them? I really don’t want to do this to myself again, I just want to feel better again.