Sorry to start a new post….I haven’t figured out how to answer a post.  No apologies necessary.  It’s weird but I am a little jealous of your relationship with your parents.  We never talk about anything let alone feelings.

At any rate, I have such mixed emotions.  A part of me wants to tell you to not be embarrassed to talk to them because they obviously care even if they don’t understand.  Another part of me totally understands the feeling of embarrassment.  The only person I have talked with about my SI is my therapist.  And even though he is trained to deal with these things, I am sooooo embarrassed.  I hope you have a trusted person to talk with – professional or personal.

I am glad to have found this website…….I don’t feel so alone.

As for the parents freakin out…..some of it’s their “job”.  It’s a difficult thing to understand.  I don’t begin to understand and I’ve SIed for years.  Started when I was young but then I didn’t have an open relationship with my parents nor did I have professional help.  Don’t get me wrong… “professional help” is a wonder person and I don’t mean to sell her short.  I wouldn’t be alive without her!!!!  I KNOW this with all my heart.  I hope we can get to know each other and maybe even learn a little:)