Yup, that’s my mother. The Wicked Witch of the West Coast. She is insane! I am frieken 18! She took away my phone! Are you kidding me? I am so sick of living here! It never ends. Her comments, her hurtful name calling! I’m sick of it! I’m sick of all the pain and torture. I’m so sorry mother that I didn’t turn out as perfect as you ok? I’m a good kid! I haven’t SIed in over a year. I make great grades! I take lots of college classes. I date nice people and yet, I am still an unraveling terrible teenager? What the heck?!?! Just because I hang out with people who aren’t up to your social standards, doesn’t mean they are bad people. I swear to goodness it’s like she only wants me to be friends with people who are of our faith. I’m sorry, but even I’m not that judgmental! Why can’t she trust me for once in my life? I called the Suicide hotline today because of how distraught I was, but before I could talk to anyone she asks me what I’m doing, so I hang up and tell her I just want to be alone. So what does she do? Moves somewhere else and watches me. Really? So I had to go into the bathroom and fall apart in there. I swear there is no privacy or trust in this family. My sister is gone and doesn’t have to deal with this anymore. “Your sister is making good decisions.” Well no duh! She is not in a cage anymore and not being strangled by a leash! 4 months! 4 more months and I’m gone! I might even move out after I graduate. (I am seriously considering it). I want to SI, but I don’t want to prove her right. Someone please give me some sort of help or advice!