I am never expressing my concerns to a person directly ever ever again! I have just had it with being ignored when I express genuine feelings about something! Last week, I had emailed someone with some concerns, and I found out today that someone else had also sent an email last week to this same individual, all mad about
something. He got a response, but I didn’t. That is rude, and totally just unacceptable. I tried to be as
nice as I could be. You know what? I’m just done. I’m done telling a person directly what I think, I’m just done doing it! So if someone has a problem with me, they are never going to know it because stuff
like this always happens. I either get ignored or get jumped on. So what is the point of expressing myself, even in a nice way, if that happens? That is exactly why harming myself is better. It’s always better to harm myself than
to say how I feel about anything. Always. And when I was going on and on about it to get my anger out of my system, my roommate at first agreed with me. But then she just sighed and seemed kind of annoyed as she told me to “let it go, nothing can be done about it”. That doesn’t help! Because that sounds like something my mom would say! Now I’m even angrier! Because apparently I’m wrong for being angry, I should just get over it! I just feel like crying. I just hate it when things like this happen, and I feel so stupid for being so worked up like this, but this has happened way way way too many times in my life.