So I had a weird dream a couple of weeks ago, and in my dream, a friend of mine (who does not know my secret), somehow found out. And she asked to see it. I got really mad and said: “Absolutely not!” When I woke up and was thinking on this, it didn’t surprise me one bit that I had that type of reaction in that dream. Sure, I cover up everything because I most certainly don’t want people staring or asking or anything. It’s just awkward, after all. However, there is more than just the fear of what people will think or say. I mean, it’s more than “Oh, she harms herself”, there is a reason for that. It’s what’s behind those scars. There is a reason behind every single scar. Something I couldn’t stand to feel, big or small. A single event, or a big build-up of things. Stuff that for whatever reason, I either could not, or in a couple of cases, did not, want to talk about with anyone. It’s just written all over in self-inflicted damage. And only those who know my secret also know what are behind those scars. So yes, it most certainly is a fear of the comments of others. But I also think it is a fear of throwing my heart out there too.