I’m not really sure about anything right now. The person that I’ve grown used to having as a support isn’t really very talkative lately. I still have so much to say, but it appears that my support doesn’t want to respond to me anymore. I feel like I’m falling apart like old glue on a get well card. I don’t have anyone to talk to other than my therapist about what’s going on. My therapist is fine for support but he can’t fill the shoes of a friend as well. I really miss when I used to be able to have actual conversations with my former support. We used to talk quite frequently and it didn’t used to always be one sided. I just feel so lonely and it’s so hard to have so many things going on without anyone to talk to. Even if it were just silly stuff to get my mind off of the hard stuff I’d be content. Instead of words, I get silence and that’s so much harder. I feel like silence is rejection, by not getting responses I feel like I’m being rejected over and over again. I know some people would ask why I keep going back to the same person if they don’t support me anymore and sometimes I wonder about this too. My only conclusion is that I don’t think I have the capability of moving on so my mind holds onto the idea that it was just a silent rejection so it doesn’t count because it wasn’t verbal. I don’t know … I’m just frustrated and hurt.