I am very anxious and want to SI. The bad weather is messing up my routine and schedule. I have work and school and then all my school related obligations which I have to travel for during the week. I know I can’t control the weather and nothing is so important as to risk my well being trying to drive, but I can’t help but feel anxious, out of control and unable to relax. I really have a strong urge to SI. Part of it is due to having to cancel an on going school obligation. The person I report to depends on me to show up and do my job. While I don’t get paid for it, it is a requirement for my program. When I cancelled today I got a cold, disappointed reaction. I hate feeling like I am doing something wrong. Now I am anxious because I know I probably won’t be able to go to it later in the week due to weather. When I think about it, the lack of control, feeling like someone is mad at me, and then being behind on my school stuff I get very worked up. I have been thinking how satisfying it would be to SI – to get some control and to make up for disappointing and making my boss annoyed.