I’m new here, I’m in my twenties, have attended and graduated from college, and have struggled with SIB for years. Purchased the book Bodily Harm and completed the SAFE program outpatient a few years ago. Happy to report I have been SIB free for a few years now and am learning to embrace life, my feelings (the good and the bad) and love myself. The narrative of my life is coming together and that feels good. Some of the adjectives I used in my profile are amicable, animal lover and book worm.

Watching Vampire Diaries helps me to reestablish how WORDS can set me free. Talking and writing are ‘huge’ at least in my world that is. I guess I’m here, because I needed to reach out or something I have no clue. The concept of the list ‘things to do to take care of me’ seems more apparent to me now. Aren’t we suppose to nurture and love ourselves, take care of ourselves? For me the theory of Nature v. Nurture applies in more ways than one. Anywho, I just have so many thoughts rolling around in my head these days. Someone once told me that things turn out for the ones who make the most out of how things turn out. 🙂

Typing this sort of makes me nervous, because it’s going to be on the internet, but I have taken classes on how to protect myself and what to share or not share online. Still I needed to reach out all the same.

There is one thing that I don’t feel is SIB, but it is still a hurtful behavior (emotionally hurtful, not physically hurtful to my person). Everyday I have to make a conscious choice to not go there. Thanks for listening!