I just had to share this. I have been having a lot of panic attacks lately, and I have been struggling not to SI because of them. I am always alone when I have them, and I love hugs. Well, I have noticed at times that when I have a panic attack, and if I have a pillow nearby, I pick it up and just hug it to myself. I could feel one coming on a while ago so I walked over, picked up the pillow off of my bed, and hugged it and started rocking slightly back and forth. Well, as soon as I put it down, I started feeling that panicky feeling again, so I picked it back up and as soon as I hugged it to myself and started rocking again, it stopped. I continued the
same rocking and hugging for about three or four minutes until I felt completely calm. I am no longer panicked, and I know for a fact this is working to calm down my panic. And this is good that I found this, because panic is a huge injuring trigger. So maybe if I can learn to flip my brain from: first thought of wanting to pick up my tool to first thought being to pick up that pillow if there is noone around to hug, I may be on to something here. Because
that hug felt good! Even if it was hugging a pillow.