I’m thinking about how people endure scary things all the time. I just texted a co-worker I’m friendly with because she has a surgery coming up that I thought was tomorrow. In her reply she told me that she was so scared. What odd, healthy sharing of emotion. I am very scared too. I have a very scary week of change and good byes in front of me. Part one will be tomorrow and part two will be Wednesday. I’m really doing my best to cope. My fear is basically totally out of proportion with what is happening. But I can compare my week ahead to hers. I am lucky that I do not have to have surgery. I am lucky that I have shared what’s going on with me with a number of people. That’s learned behavior. Maybe it helps. And I am going to be safe. No one is trying to hurt me. I’m also really lucky that I have a job to go to to be on a routine and have structure. A lot of good things happen to me.