I’m really hoping for a fresh start this year. 2013 was most definitely one of the worst years I ever had to endure since the years after my mom passed away. It. Was. Aweful. Now, at the same time I did have some great moments and met some great friends this past year, I met some new people that are now very important to me and had some really awesome experiences.  But almost coinsiding with all those good times, were a plethera of bad bad times. It was a pretty miserable year overall and a lot of my past posts really reflect that. But, the good news is I’m hoping for a much better year this year. I’m hoping to make some positive changes this year. I’m not even going to call them “resolutions”, I just think and know that I wanna make some big changes in my life this year and Am going to push myself hard to make them happen as much as I can. If some things don’t pan out its understandable…..but I definitely know I can accomplish so much more than I did last year. Mostly, because I let circumstances really royally bog me down and I was so depressed for so long last year, it was hopelessly miserable. This year is going to be different, no matter what. I’m almost Afraid to say when things are going well, I swear It feels like everytime I do I’m jinxing myself or something. As soon As I’m happy things seem to fall apart on me. So I’m not gonna do that this year. There are some lessons I learned from last year I’m definitely NOT repeating, EVER. I want this year to be so much better than last year….