I just got off the phone with my dad. Long story short, my dad is helping me pay for the remaining 3.5 classes I have for my two year degree. With this money there is the understanding that I catch up on my phone bill-we’re all on a family plan together. I am such a loser I can’t even pay my dad right and he said I needed a swift kick maybe, but not too hard a kick. He said he loves me but I need to grow up and take responsibility. I’m an adult and I need to grow up already. He’s proud of me but it’s time to get my stuff together. I couldn’t take it, i felt like a dog cowering with its tail between its legs backed into a corner and I saw a tool on my dressers and I used those while he was talking to me but that didn’t help either. I know this Dad, thanks for rubbing it in, I know I owe you money I know I keep messing up and you’re right I do need to grow up. I didn’t need to hear it again I got the point. I don’t need anyone telling me actually, I do a good enough job telling myself all the time. He has every right to say this is think because I DO owe him money for the phone bill. I hate that I just injured myself on New Year’s Eve when it’s supposed to be all about fresh starts and stuff.