I am feeling unsafe, but I’m not. Nothing bad can happen with out me– I am the only one who can control my hands. And no matter I feel or think, I can just watch them. It helps to look at them. They don’t mean me any harm. Funny almost that those are the same hands that have done things in the past. And I am the only one in control of them. I feel fear that I am going to get hurt. I want to stay safe. I think the fear gets a bit out of control then something just flips and I’m getting hurt and it somehow makes perfect sense. Instead of feeling cower-y and putting my energy into fighting something that doesn’t even exist, I have a pretty good idea that it should go somewhere else. The fear gets out of control bc I am feeding it by fighting. But I can’t befriend something that wants to hurt me. I’m supposed to believe that that’s just nothing there. It doesn’t exist. It’s like a monster under the bed. I don’t want to get lost.