so today another day. life of teenage girl is some what fun times other then its problems me and my friends was talking about all the fun we had together and i just thought you know as we get older things are going to get hard so no matter how hard they may seem now its nothing. i had in school for the first time. we laugh we giggled and we all was at peace with each other. now Monday no in my first period class these girls almost got into a fight over weave. they was going back in forth about what kind was it, whose weave is the longest. just dumb stuff i went to this meeting where they talked about collages and yeah i have been looking into where im going and stuff now what really got to me was this boy asks so are the dorms split she says yeah girl to girl boy to boy she goes and i quote ” THAT (stinks)……….”  do not have a life and that all you could think about is that. like you want make it then. some people are just not right for collage or meant to go and now i kinda understand what she meant when she said it. so boy drama im over it all done off the subject im moving on down the road. and to make things better about getting over my crush i have date this Friday. it seems like my Friday just might be good upgrade or get a new phone have a date that night go shopping after school it seems like im going to be in this bubble of happiness this Friday and i hope nothing burst it.  my name is jammie and this is my life #3